Just occasionally you need a van and a helping hand

Every now and then a situation arises where we could do with a helping hand and somebody with a van. Often our first thoughts turn towards friends and people we know who got a suitable vehicle, however when we give them a call it turns out they’re not available. So many of us have so little spare time and it can be very frustrating when not too complicated a task needs achieving but you can’t get it done because you just can’t get others organised.

How we can help

Getting rid of things

Here at On The Dot Man & Van Bristol we don’t do house clearances or take away general refuse and garden rubbish to the local tip, but where we do score heavily is in a situation where often you just have one large item you need taking somewhere or disposing of. It could be that you got a new three-piece suite and need to get rid of your old one, or maybe you have a new refrigerator or washing machine installed and need a hand taking the old one to the recycling plant.

Buying big things

Where we have also found our services to be extremely useful is for those of you who are keen to snap up the occasional bargain on eBay or Gumtree. Often these are bargains because transport is a problem and vendors often say “buyer to collect only”. Adding our starting price of £40.00 for the use of a man and van in Bristol for one hour still makes these purchases a bargain and, more to the point, you don’t have to spend ages ringing round your friends to make sure somebody can give you a hand to pick up an item before you buy it. Knowing that there will always be a “man with a van” in Bristol available when you need one, means that you should have the number for On The Dot Man & Van stored in your phone as you’ll never know when you’ll need us next!

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